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GrainPro® Safe Storage Methodology

GrainPro’s safe storage products all operate on the same simple organic mechanism. If a container is airtight, any infesting insects, microorganisms, and the stored commodity through their respiration alone will create a low-oxygen, high-carbon dioxide environment. This will inhibit mold growth and kill the insects.

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Why Choose Us?

  • GrainPro® develops chemical-free drying, storage and transport solutions for a wide variety of dry agricultural commodities in varying scales and sizes.
  • GrainPro® leads the industry innovation of Ultra-Hermetic™ postharvest solutions since 1992.
  • GrainPro® is a brand trusted to preserve the quality of different commodities in more than 100 countries worldwide through Ultra-hermetic™ technology.
  • GrainPro® partners with the most reputable names in the food security sector in reducing the incidents of food loss while raising the quality of life among farmers and improving public health.
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Featured products

Oxygen Meter – 5-yr. Sensor (GPO2-AN)

The new GrainPro Oxygen Meter – 5-yr. Sensor (GPO2-AN) is capable of measuring oxygen levels between the 0 to 21% range. This new analyzer has a long life oxygen sensor which is expected to last for more than five years. It comes with an auto-off function that activates after 8 …

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GrainPro TranSafeliner Indoor™

The GrainPro TranSafeliner™ (TSL™) was originally designed as a gas-tight liner for shipping containers. As a liner, the GrainPro TranSafeliner™ proved itself very effective against insect infestation, aflatoxin growth, and in reducing condensation inside shipping containers. The GrainPro TranSafeliner™ can also be used as a stand-alone indoor storage with the …

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GrainPro® GrainSafe Bag-1.0

GrainPro GrainSafe is a water-resistant and gastight storage solution for dry agricultural commodities. Made of food-grade, UV-resistant flexible PVC, it is designed for both indoor and outdoor installations. It can store commodities at or below safe moisture content for prolonged periods without the risks of moisture ingress, pest infestation and …

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GrainPro SuperGrainbag® Sample 1

The GrainPro® SuperGrainbag® Sample 1 is a re-sealable bag with a capacity of one kilogram. Made from an Ultra Hermetic™ material with an airtight single-track zipper, it is designed to maintain the freshness of coffee bean samples and other dry agricultural commodities. Its low permeability to air and water protects …

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Storage and Transport Products have been Certified for Organic Use

GrainPro is a partner of the most reputable names in the food security sector in reducing food losses, raising the quality of life among farmers and improving public health.

Latest news

Reducing Environmental Risks Through Postharvest Systems

Scientists are worried that the worsening climate change, extreme droughts and floods, will further increase the number of people who are already suffering from hunger and malnutrition from 10 to 20 percent by 2050. Experts agreed that there is enough food to meet global demands. However, we manage, distribute and …

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Farmers Adopt Chemical-Free Storage Solutions In Tanzania

Nairobi, Kenya – Food security groups in Africa called for innovative cost-reduction schemes and make postharvest storage solutions more affordable for smallholder farmers. The partners lobbied for government levied tax exemptions and subsidized prices on hermetic storage solutions such as the GrainPro® Cocoons™ during the African Green Revolution Forum on September …

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New Flexible Water Tank Launches

We are pleased to announce the commercialization of one of our latest products and our answer to water storage – THE GRAINPRO® FLEXIBLE WATER TANK™ (FWT). The FWT is a lightweight, portable and reusable water reservoir that can be used at home or at the farm. It can store up to …

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Latest Study Reveals Effect Of Hermetic Storage On Soybean Seeds

A post-graduate paper from the Universidade Federal de Pelotas in Brazil recently revealed that hermetic storage is better at slowing down the deterioration of soybean seeds. The study, prepared by André Capilheira, a Ph.D. candidate in the Science and Seed Technology program, also concluded that air and watertight storage allows …

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