Lilongwe, Malawi – The Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) commissioned the installation of the first GrainPro® Solar Bubble Dryer™ 25 (SBD 25) in Malawi on February 12, 2016 at the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources – Natural Resources College (LUANAR-NRC).

Alex Chigoverah, Southern Africa Customer Service Engineer, was on-site to install the SBD and deliver training to LUANAR students and lecturers, GIZ Malawi personnel, Agricultural Research and Extension Trusts (ARET) staff, and representatives from the feed milling industry. In his presentation, Chigoverah pointed out that proper post-harvest management and appropriate storage and handling facilities are the key to minimizing losses along the post-production chain. Additionally, he explained the principle behind Ultra Hermetic™ technology and how it is able to safely preserve commodities without the use of harmful chemicals.

In Malawi, many storage products for dry agricultural commodities are susceptible to rodent attack, infestation and fungal contamination, thus, rendering the commodities unfit for consumption. Rodents are also attracted to the smell of commodities that escape non-hermetic storage facilities. There are high hopes that hermetic storage, with its ability to seal commodities, will minimize pest induced losses which pose a threat to food security at both household and national levels.

The training was highlighted by the installation of the SBD 25. GIZ purchased two units along with SuperGrainbags® Premium RTs and SilBag™ 20s. Interested to see if the dryer can be used on cassava chips and stock feed pellets, the participants helped install and gather much needed data for their research.

The SBD 25 is a solar dryer with a 25 square meter drying floor that absorbs solar heat to dry commodities such as rice, maize and high value commodities like coffee. The ventilator at the front of the SBD pushes out moisture-rich air, which exits through exhaust ports at the back. It can dry commodities at an average rate of one percent moisture content per two hours.

GIZ is Germany’s government-owned international development corporation. GIZ is partnering with GrainPro to introduce innovative solutions that will help raise the quality of life of small farmers in developing parts of the world, while ensuring the supply of clean and healthy food commodities for consumers. For more information about GrainPro’s line of solar dryers and grain storage solutions, please visit

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