NANDI COUNTY, KENYA – GrainPro® visited Kenya’s northern Rift Valley region on January 26, 2016, and introduced the SuperGrainbag® Farm (SGB Farm) to local farmers. This visit is part of a greater Kenya On-Farm Storage Pilot by the AgResults project, a $118-million multi-donor, multi-lateral initiative that rewards high-impact agricultural innovations to promote global food security, health and nutrition.

Priscilla Mosigisi, GP Kenya Sales Manager, and Alex Chigoverah, Southern Africa CSE met with local farmers from Nandi Hills, Bomet, Kapsabet, Kabisaga and Mosoriot to explain Ultra Hermetic™ solutions and to show how to use the SGB Farm. Staff from AFMA, GrainPro distributor in Kenya, and representatives from AgResults joined the GrainPro team.

The local farmers are very aware of the benefits of using Ultra Hermetic™ storage and have shown an adamant stand against the use of harmful chemicals to control infestation and fungal contamination. The SuperGrainbag Farm is a patented liner bag with excellent gas and moisture barrier properties. It’s affordable and designed for the protection and preservation of common farm commodities. The SGB Farm’s low permeability to air and moisture makes it very effective in eliminating insects, and inhibiting the growth of aflatoxin-producing moulds, without the use of chemicals and other dangerous fumigants.

According to the AgResults website, they project that this initiative will reach about 480,000 smallholder farmers and create at least 172,000 MT of new storage capacity for grain in the Rift Valley and Eastern Region. The pilot could generate US$14 million in smallholder benefits from the storage of high quality grain, the ability to spread sales into higher-priced periods and a reduced need to buy grain for household consumption, especially during non-harvest months.

The visit to Nandi County and the Northern Rift Valley is only the beginning. With its inclusion to the AgResults On-Farm Storage Pilot, smallholder farmer communities across Kenya will now have access to SGB Farms. The goal is to increase overall awareness about the benefits of hermetic storage, cut post harvest losses at the farm level, and improve farmers’ incomes in these communities. For more information about GrainPro and its line of storage and drying solutions, please visit

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