With the ridiculously high cost of using bulk carriers, international traders shifted to using shipping containers as a less expensive and flexible solution to transport high-value commodities and agricultural products.

However, shipping containers are easily affected by temperature fluctuations and contaminants. This makes dry bulk commodities vulnerable to the effects of condensation, infestation and mold growth. The GrainPro TranSafeliner™ Bulk (TSL Bulk) liner is developed to protect bulk commodities shipped in twenty-footer shipping containers.

Made from special gastight and watertight materials, the TSL Bulk is able to prevent the exchange of air and moisture. This superior level of hermeticity kills off embedded insects of all life stages, and inhibits fungal contamination without using harmful and toxic chemicals.

The TSL Bulk is a hygienic and economical solution for the bulk shipping of dry agricultural commodities. It reduces costs associated with shipping by maximizing the volume capacity of shipping containers. Most importantly, the TSL Bulk helps protect food against unhealthy contaminants. It ensures that the goods free from infestation and mold growth when they reach their ports of destination. For consumers, it prevents the intake of dangerous substances, such as aflatoxins, that can cause fatal illnesses and poor nutrient intake, especially among children.

For more information about the TranSafeliner Bulk, and other GrainPro solutions, please visit our website at www.grainpro.com, or email us at customerservice@grainpro.com.

Video: How to install the TranSafeliner Bulk. Copyright 2016. GrainPro.

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