Accra, Ghana – Germany’s Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), a government organization specializing in international development and poverty reduction, introduced the first GrainPro® Solar Bubble Dryer™ 50 to farmers to address problems of contaminations and re-wetting caused by drying along mud roads on December 21, 2015.

During traditional drying, maize is exposed to scavenging animals, insects, roadside contaminants, and re-wetting due to sudden rains. These make the commodity to be prone to infestation and fungal contamination, especially during storage. GIZ gave out 14 units of SBD50 this year to sponsored farming groups and communities as part of a modernization initiative aimed at improving food drying practices, which has a large role in preserving dry agricultural commodities.

The SBD50 is a sun dryer with a one-ton capacity. Its top cover protects the commodities against contaminants and sudden rains, while ventilators push out moisture rich air. It can dry at an average of one percent moisture content every two hours. For more information, checkout our website at

(Photo: GIZ staff and farmers got their first look at the innovative GrainPro Solar Bubble Dryer 50. Photo by Andarawus Musa. Copyright 2016 GrainPro.)

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