Leon, Nicaragua – Two GrainPro® MegaCocoons™ are preserving organic peanuts for a major groundnut exporter who is looking to increase storage capacity using grain storage alternatives that do not use harmful chemicals. The units are part of a trial started on January 29, 2016.

The installation was commissioned by the second largest peanut marketing and export firm in Nicaragua. The company sources their nuts from local smallholder farmers. Approximately 200,000 metric tons are produced annually and are exported to customers throughout North America and Europe. The strict sanitary requirements in these markets drive the use of certified-for-organic-use pest control solutions.

The MegaCocoon is designed for the low cost, large volume preservation of bagged dry agricultural commodities. It locks commodities in a gastight and watertight environment. The MegaCocoon prevents the exchange of air and moisture to control infestation and inhibit mold growth without the need for harmful synthetic chemicals.

For more information about the MegaCocoon and GrainPro’s other line of storage, transport and solar drying solutions, please visit www.grainpro.com or email us at customerservice@grainpro.com.

Photo: Two 640MT MegaCocoons were used for the trial. Recent opening of the units in April 7, 2016 showed promising results compared to warehouse silos.

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