OR YEHUDA, ISRAEL – More than a hundred licensed fumigators came together on October 27, 2016 to learn about new and innovative non-toxic fumigation practices. Dr. Shlomo and Hagit Navarro of Green Storage, Ltd., GrainPro® distributor, talked to the fumigators about controlled atmosphere and carbon dioxide fumigation.

Strict Jewish dietary laws known as “Kashrut” require that food commodities are free of insects. Such religious laws are stricter than their governmental phytosanitary counterpart. Additionally, rising cases of bedbugs in homes and hotels that are increasingly developing resistance to insecticides are major causes of concern. Tough regulations prohibiting the use of conventional toxic fumigation methods require the use of safer alternatives to solve the problems.

Green Storage’s presentation on controlled atmosphere and carbon dioxide fumigation using the GrainPro Cocoon™ Indoor stirred a great deal of interest from the participants who were eager to learn more about organic storage and pest-control technologies. The positive feedback means that Green Storage will be introducing the Cocoon Indoor into the Israeli market at a large scale soon.

The patented Cocoon Indoor is an innovative solution that addresses both food pests and bed bugs.  Made from lightweight multi-layered materials, the Cocoon Indoor has all the gastight and watertight advantages that make it an effective pest control solution.

Since 2002, GrainPro has been very active in Israel and a plethora of clients have witnessed its effectiveness. A longtime client of Green Storage, a trading house of kosher spices, found huge success in using GrainPro SuperGrainbags® to safely preserve the quality of their spices and keep them free from insects.

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