MATAGALPA, NICARAGUA – A trial in October found that the GrainPro® SuperGrainbag® (SGB) Premium RT can stop insects without adverse effects on coffee seed germination. This came after the trial commissioned by a national coffee seed producer provided positive results against Coffee Borer Beetles (Hypothenemus hampei).

During the trial, two SuperGrainbags – one bag was flushed with carbon dioxide and the other was used without flushing – were tested against a conventional polypropylene bag that was used as a control. Andrés Cortés, GrainPro Regional Manager for Central America, reported that in both SuperGrainbags the pests were fully exterminated without any adverse effects to the seed germination rate.

In Nicaragua, coffee seeds are normally kept in polypropylene bags that are stored inside cold rooms. Often, the infestation present in the stored seeds, builds adaptive responses that allows it to thrive once temperature increases. Since trade laws require that coffee should not have traces of chemical fumigants, producers are challenged to find innovative ways to control infestation.

GrainPro’s SGB Premium RT is a popular multi-layered liner for coffee and other prime agricultural commodities. It is relied upon by many coffee producers and traders for its low permeability to air and moisture, factors that contribute to the development of molds and infestation among stored commodities. By controlling a low moisture content and low oxygen atmosphere using the SGB liners, farmers can safely preserve coffee beans and seeds free from insects such the Coffee Borer Beetles without using harmful chemicals.

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