JAKARTA, INDONESIA – The Indonesian Bureau of Logistics (BULOG) increased its storage capacity with the installation of six 150MT GrainPro Cocoons™ on December 2016 in the province of Lampung, and the cities of Yogyarta and Jakarta.

The installation is part of a nationwide initiative by BULOG — a government-owned company that deals in food distribution and price control – designed to increase its rice storage capabilities and further enhance an already efficient warehousing practice. Despite the agency’s stern sanitary procedures and effective handling of rice in its facilities, pests and fungal growth continue to be a problem.

Training also plays a crucial role in the success of this project. Engr. Alnor Limbo, GrainPro Customer Support Engineer, delivered technical seminars to BULOG managers, technical staff and high-ranking officials. The seminar included instructions on correct operation procedures, proper maintenance and addressed the concerns of the technical staff about hermetic storage.

The Cocoon uses an environment-friendly technology to safely preserve a wide variety of dry agricultural commodities for human and animal consumption. It’s an airtight and watertight solution that stops infestation and inhibits fungal contamination without using harmful chemicals.

Since the first Cocoons were tested in 2014, the agency has steadily increased its units to meet the rising demands for quality preservation that reflect their high standards. In total, 10 units are currently installed in BULOG facilities throughout Indonesia. They are also planning to add more in coming years for the storage of other food commodities.

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