GALMUDUG, SOMALIA – Two Ultra Hermetic™ GrainPro® Self-Verifying Cocoons™ are preserving a blend of corn and soya flour in Somalia. The Cocoons are part of a development program that aims to alleviate the growing food problem in the war-torn country.

GrainPro’s Priscilla Mosigisi, Sales Manager, and Alinaitwe Justus, Customer Support Engineer, carried out a training of local staff on December 2, 2016. The training program included the installation of the 100MT and 150MT Cocoons. Logistical issues and exchanges of gunfire between government and rebel troops near the compound caused delays.

The ongoing civil war has an adverse effect on local food production. Despite efforts to improve food security in the country, the situation forces many to rely on food donations from international relief organizations. To preserve the quality of foreign aid, Cocoons are a cost-effective solution that prevents the exchange of air and moisture to safely control pests and inhibit the growth of aflatoxin-producing molds without using any harmful chemicals.

GrainPro is working actively with international organizations and the local community in Somalia to help reduce food losses and prevent aflatoxin poisoning. Its Cocoon™ is well-known among development organizations in the country as a viable solution to storage-related problems. Last year, GrainPro visited the capital city of Mogadishu where the team trained local officials and food producers how to use the SuperGrainbag® and GrainSafe Bag in the framework of a FAO funded project.

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