SUBIC BAY, PHILIPPINES – GRAINPRO® PHILIPPINES, the wholly-owned principal subsidiary of US-based GrainPro, Inc., celebrates its 10th anniversary. In 2007, founders Tom de Bruin and Philippe Villers opened GrainPro Philippines in Subic Bay as a realization of their vision to develop affordable and safe post-harvest solutions in hermetic and modified atmosphere storage and transport, and solar drying, enabling a full system of on-farm grain and seed management that evolved GrainPro into a global post-harvest and Ultra Hermetic™ technology leader whose products are used in more than 100 countries.

GrainPro Philippines plays a crucial role in addressing food losses around the world. Its facility in Subic Bay, Philippines is central to the global operations of GrainPro. It is where its patented solutions are developed, manufactured and commercialized.

“We are driven to push the boundaries through innovation and education,” said Tom de Bruin, GrainPro Philippines President and CEO. “We believe that farmers and consumers have so much to gain from crops that are safely protected from farm to market against infestation and mold-growth. This inspires us to continue improving our products and develop a diversified line of unique offerings that are sought after for their effectiveness, design and value.”

GrainPro Philippines is also actively partnered with food producers, research institutions, development organizations, and government agencies in the development and deployment of its solutions. To meet the growing demands for environmentally-friendly post-harvest solutions, GrainPro Philippines moved to a larger production facility in 2010, also in Subic Bay. The increased manufacturing capacity enabled GrainPro to supply worldwide needs such as a $7 million USAID subcontract for the delivery of Collapsible Dryer Cases™, SuperGrainbags® and Cocoons™ to small Afghan farmers.

In terms of product quality, GrainPro Philippines is ISO 9001: 2008 certified and is committed to deliver consistently high quality products and services to its customers through strong customer focus, management accountability, and continuous improvement and review.

GrainPro Philippines continues to roll out new innovations to improve the handling and protection of dry agricultural commodities, especially in developing parts of the world. Find out more about GrainPro Philippines here

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