A recently concluded trial in Indonesia comparing GrainPro® Gas-Hermetic Fumigation (G-HF) Cocoon™ to cold storage and ordinary warehouse storage to preserve peanuts came back in March with positive results. The client, a highly-regarded name in the peanut processing industry, concluded that the Cocoons performed extremely well in preserving the freshness of peanuts.

According to their report, the cold store and the Cocoon performed similarly in controlling aflatoxin levels, moisture content percentage, and oxidation values even after seven months. Visually, the peanuts stored in the Cocoon did not show any signs of discoloration. The most important consideration during the trial was to see how the Cocoon would deal with infestation. Based on the findings, the Cocoon eliminated both insect adults and eggs due to the rapid drop in oxygen levels in the first 220 days of installation.

The impressive results and the economic benefits of using Cocoons convinced the company executives to use modified atmosphere technology to complement their existing cold storage facilities. After a visit by Alnor Limbo, GrainPro Customer Support Engineer, the company is looking to install five more 100 tonne G-HF Cocoons at their facility while using mechanized loaders.

The GrainPro G-HF Cocoon is an Ultra Hermetic™ storage solution for large quantities of bagged commodities. With sizes ranging from 5MT to 1050MT, the Cocoon can control insect and fungal contamination through superior gas and water barriers that prevent the exchange of air and moisture during storage. With a gas flushing mechanism, it can be easily filled with carbon dioxide to speed up the process of insect elimination.

There have been several global inquiries in the viability of modified atmosphere in Cocoons as a storage and pest-control solution for peanuts. This latest experience in Indonesia clearly shows that there are economic benefits in its use as an organic storage. By cutting out the need for refrigeration, the company will reduce its carbon footprint as well and eventually will market a better product.

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