Calubian, Leyte – Cassava farmers of the Fatima Multi-Purpose Cooperative (FMPC) are using the Ultra Hermetic™ GrainPro® Self-Verifying Cocoon™ to easily and quickly fumigate their cubed cassavas using phosphine. Cassava, also known as tapioca, is used as raw material for animal feeds.

Cassava is the cooperative’s main source of income and their weekly turnaround translates to a quick return of investment. According to Margarito Costello, FMPC President, the price for cassava, unlike corn, is very stable so it makes sense for the farmers to sell immediately. However, their buyer demands that the crops must be free from infestation.

FMPC has been using two 10MT Cocoons since last year. In April 2016, FMPC commissioned the installation of a 20MT Cocoon to double their operational capability. The Cocoon is a gastight storage solution that eliminates all insects and inhibits growth of aflatoxin-producing molds. Prior to using Cocoons, the FMPC used regular polyethylene plastic that allow phosphine to leak out leaving some insects to survive.

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Photos: The FMPC has been using two 10MT Self-Verifying Cocoons as a fumigation chamber for their dried cassavas since last year.

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