The Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology (IIFPT) is strongly pushing the use of hermetic technology as a permanent solution against food losses in India. IIFPT is studying multilayered bags, Cocoon storage, and on-bulk grain silos.

Improper storage and infestation are threats that cause postharvest losses in quantity and quality. In India, 12 to 16 million metric tons of foods produced are lost each year. Chemicals are used to fight off infestation. However, the use of chemical pesticides is affecting the environment and the health of consumers.

Hermetic technology is very appealing in many developing parts of the world as a solution because it provides a sustainable and affordable alternative. GrainPro Cocoons and SuperGrainbags, for example, do not require the use of chemicals to stop infestation and inhibit the growth of aflatoxin producing molds.

These solutions present a long-term solution for the storage of locally produced grains and seeds such as wheat, rice, maize and high-value spices. For more information about GrainPro and its line of hermetic solutions, visit

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