Since its founding in 1994, GrainPro® has made it its mission to help food producers, farming communities and development organizations around the world break the cycle of hunger and poverty. By developing solutions to reduce postharvest losses, such as the patented and Ultra Hermetic™ Cocoon™, GrainPro is making a huge difference.

To showcase how it’s turning its mission into reality, GrainPro is launching a new Interactive World Map feature targeted to visitors of its official website. This new web feature will allow visitors to easily find the Cocoon installation nearest to them, and explain GrainPro’s significant contribution in improving the well-being and quality of life in developing parts of the world.

As a company that cares about global food security, GrainPro has established itself as a worldwide leader in reducing postharvest losses and increasing the availability of clean and pesticide free agricultural commodities. The GrainPro Interactive World Map is another amazing tool and resource to introduce Ultra Hermetic storage solutions.

It combines interactivity, functionality and ease-of-use, bringing to light select installation projects around the world and the success stories behind them. As an ongoing service to our visitors and partners, the interactive world map will be updated regularly to include more recent installations. Currently, a total of 20 sites are featured and the list is expected to grow.

Users will have a fun time discovering the many Cocoon installations highlighted on the map. By clicking the location marker pins, more information, such as a photo and exact location, appears in a pop-up window. An additional link opens up a page with more details. From there, users can change locations using the drop-down menu. Other map features include zooming in and out, and satellite views that are familiar to Google Map users.

To see this new web feature and to learn more about GrainPro’s postharvest solutions, please check out our official website at

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