GrainPro is pleased to introduce the newest member of its SuperGrainbag family.

The SUPERGRAINBAG® (SGB) PREMIUM-15RZ is an Ultra-Hermetic liner bag that features the same reliability and superb food preservation expected of all SGBs. With a capacity of 15-kilograms (based on coffee), the SGB Premium-15RZ is designed to safely preserve the quality of specialty coffee by preventing moisture ingress and preserving taste and aroma. This solution is perfect for small batch specialty coffee roasters with 15-kilo roasting machines.

Features and Benefits:

  • Farm-to-market solution that fits the needs of small batch specialty coffee roasters
  • Made from co-extruded materials with extremely low permeability to oxygen and moisture
  • Equipped with a slip-and-go hermetic zipper and slider that locks-in freshness after sealing
  • Designed to fit standard-sized boxes for shipping coffee

For more information about this new solution, click here to visit the product page.

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