The World Food Programme (WFP) gave farmers in South Sudan the first look at the GrainPro® Solar Bubble Dryer® 50 (SBD 50) last October 4 and 5, 2017.  The GrainPro® SBD 50 is an innovative tunnel-shaped grain dryer with a built-in heated blower that does not only dry but also protects commodities against sudden rains during the drying process.

Representatives from local farming communities gathered at Nimule resort hotel for the 2-day launch. GrainPro® Inc. Regional Manager for East Africa, Justus Alinaitwe and Priscilla Mosigisi, Sales Manager for Kenya, delivered both classroom and hands-on training about postharvest processes. An installation of the GrainPro® SBD 50 gave participants an opportunity to learn how to install and operate the dryer.

The SBD 50 is made up of a ventilation system, a drying floor, and a transparent UV-protected top cover. The top cover traps solar heat to dry the commodities while the ventilator maintains the shape of the dryer and pushes out moisture. It comes in solar-powered or electric-powered models.

The GrainPro® SBD 50 addresses pertinent sun drying issues that includes the worsening climates and erratic weather conditions. The top cover of the SBD 50 is designed to protect commodities from sudden and  intermittent rains that disrupts the sun drying process. With the GrainPro® SBD 50, users can dry their crops continuously without fear of re-wetting.

The training is part of the Purchase for Progress (P4P) program of the WFP. As a major buyer of staple food crops, the WFP established the P4P to encourage its suppliers to buy food in ways that benefit smallholder farmers. WFP recently approved the purchase of 20 GrainPro® SBD 50 units which they plan to distribute to cooperatives and farming communities across the country.

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