GrainPro Self-Verifying Cocoon™

The ultimate solution for quality preservation of agricultural commodities in bags.

Long-term safe storage of large scale agricultural food commodities and food reserves is a continuing challenge for most farmers in the developing areas of the world. Losses in quantity and quality often lead to hunger and malnutrition.

This inspired GrainPro to develop the GrainPro Flood Protected Self-Verifying Cocoon™ (SVC) – an affordable, Ultra Hermetic™ gastight storage designed for organic-use and the long-term storage of agricultural commodities. A unit can store from five to 300 metric tonnes for a year with very minimal loss – typically, less than 1%.

Because its Ultra Hermetic, users can modify the internal atmosphere of the SVC to create a low oxygen, high CO2 environment. Its thick, UV-resistant Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) liner blocks moisture and oxygen from coming in. This in turn kills insect and arrest fungal growth of Aflatoxins development in the commodities. The process requires no chemicals, instead, relies on the respiration of insects and microorganisms to reduce oxygen to unbreathable levels.

It also comes with two control ports that allow convenient monitoring of oxygen and relative humidity inside the SVC. Grain samples can be withdrawn from the control ports on the side and inspection port at the top.

Finally, the SVC is able to withstand floods up to its zipper line and protect stored commodities against rodents. Each unit has a 10 to 15-year useful lifespan and a five year international warranty.



• Preserves grain quality for long periods of storage

• Safe and organic, SVC needs no chemicals

• Easy to install and needs no additional infrastructure or equipment

• Weather-resistant and UV-protected (could be used indoors or outdoors)

• Inhibits aflatoxin growth and suffocates pests and insects

• Allows users to check oxygen and relative humidity levels

• Easy to maintain and repair

• 10 to 15-year life span


Useful Life - 10-15 years

Material Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Color White
Thickness, mm 0.83
Material weight, g/m2 1050
OTR (cm3/m2/day) 500 max
WVTR (g/m2/day) 8 ± 1
SVC Capacity (MT)* Length (m) Width (m) Height (m) Volume (m3) Packed Weight, kgs
GP-SVC-005 5 2.95 1.70 1.50 7.50 40 43
GP-SVC-010 10 3.40 2.95 1.50 15.00 60 63
GP-SVC-020 20 4.40 3.40 2.00 29.90 86 89
GP-SVC-2-050 50 8.90 4.40 2.00 78.32 170 173
GP-SVC-3-050 50 6.00 4.35 3.00 78.30 148 151
GP-SVC-100 100 8.60 5.80 3.00 150.00 240 243
GP-SVC-3-150 150 8.90 8.50 3.00 227.00 350 353
GP-SVC-300 300 9.20 7.50 6.00 414.00 400 403
* Based on density of wheat

Control ports with transparent knobs

Coin Groove Specification

Parameters Flange A Flange B Indicator Clip Rubber Ring
Weight 15 7 0.6g 0.7g
Color Opaque Black Transparent White Black
Material PVC GPPS    

Indicator Specification

Parameters Humidity Indicator Oxygen Indicator
Indication  RH = 65%  O2 level = 3%
Color RH < 65%: Brown
RH > 65%: Green
O2 level < 3%: Pink
O2 level > 3%: Blue
Activation Time 20 minutes 20 Minutes
Shelf Life (with plus-in replacement 6 months 6 months
The GrainPro Self-Verifying Cocoon or SVC is equipped with an oxygen and relative humidity (RH) indicator which changes colours to verify if the internal conditions of the SVC are suitable for safe storage or not.

Brown to green if the RH is above 65% for the RH indicator.

Blue to pink if the oxygen level is below 3% for the oxygen indicator.

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