Product Overview

The GrainPro® Collapsible Dryer Case II™ (CDC II) is an affordable portable case for safe and convenient drying of various agricultural commodities. This innovative sun dryer is perfect for patio drying a wide variety of agricultural commodities such as coffee, cacao, rice, and maize. It is designed to minimize losses and operational expenses.

This easy-to-install solution is made from woven coated polyethylene (PE), which is two-times stronger than ordinary tarpaulin and lighter than reinforced PVC. Inflatable PE side-walls keep commodities from spilling out of the dryer. An important feature is its ability to protect commodities against re-wetting. The drying floor can be folded and closed at night or in case of sudden rains to prevent moisture re-absorption.

Features and Benefits

  • Enables drying of grains on almost any flat surface
  • Easy-fold-and-seal drying floor to prevent re-wetting
  • Mobile and easy-to-install sun dryer
  • Low operation and capital costs
  • Does not use fossil fuels
  • Reduces spillage losses
  • Easy to repair and maintain

Product Specification