Product Overview

The GrainPro® Cocoon Cargo™ is designed as an Ultra-Hermetic™ solution that addresses insect infestation on commodities in big bags (tote bags or flexible intermediate bulk containers) that developed before loading into a shipping container or upon its arrival at the destination port. Carbon dioxide or phosphine can be used to fumigate the commodities.

The Cocoon Cargo has the same capacity as a 20-foot shipping container and can fit twenty standard-sized big bags of 700-1000 kilograms or ten bags of 1000-1500 kilograms. To facilitate easy bulk bag handling with forklifts, the Cocoon Cargo’s zipper is located much lower than standard Cocoons.

A sturdier and more durable 1250 g/m² PVC enables outdoor storage and can handle extreme pressure. The gas tight chamber of the Cocoon Cargo is ideal for fumigation and is equipped with a carbon dioxide or phosphine treatment port and an air outlet port.

Features and Benefits

Product Specification

  • Easy to use indoor storage for bags, big bags and palleted products
  • An ideal fumigation chamber for infested crops using CO²
  • Chemical-free and long-term preservation
  • Preserves the quality (aroma, freshness, color, etc.) of the stored products
  • Minimizes effects of condensation on stored commodities
  • Inhibits/control mold growth, and insect infestation
  • Can be used to fumigate textiles, furniture, paper products, etc.
  • Customizable volume
  • Certified safe for organic-use
  • Made from recyclable materials