Product Overview

The GrainPro® GrainSafe™ Bag – 1.0/G-HF (GS Bag – 1.0) is a portable Ultra-Hermetic™ storage solution for bagged grains and seeds with fumigation features for easy CO2 flushing. With a one-metric ton capacity, it safely preserves the quality and quantity of dry agricultural commodities such as maize, paddy, coffee, etc. due to its low permeability to air and moisture.

Made from flexible UV-resistant Polyvinyl Chloride with a hermetic zipper, the GS Bag – 1.0/G-HF. It comes with a fumigation port for the easy flushing of carbon dioxide and to speed up the safe eradication of insects.It can be easily installed at home or outside on leveled concrete, on a pallet, or a raised platform with rodent guards. Insects inside the GS Bag – 1.0/G-HF are eliminated (eggs to adults) in as quick as 10 days of storage.

Features and Benefits

  • Quality and quantity preservation without the use of chemicals
  • Indoor or outdoor home storage
  • Easy-to-install or transport
  • Certified safe for organic-use
  • One-ton capacity
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Multi-use

Product Specification