Product Overview

Providing Ultra-Hermetic™ storage, the organic-certified GrainPro Self-Verifying MegaCocoon™ was designed for the low-cost storage of large quantities of bagged grain using the hermetic principle. It features self-verifying oxygen and humidity displays, and it eliminates the need for pesticides in storage.

The modular-sized GrainPro Self-Verifying MegaCocoon™ was developed for safe storage of commodities of up to 1,050 tonnes for periods of up to one year or more. A modified atmosphere is created within the GrainPro Self-Verifying MegaCocoon™ resulting in a low level of oxygen and high level of carbon dioxide. This eliminates insect infestation, arrests mold development, and prevents oxidation.

The GrainPro Self-Verifying MegaCocoon™ content can be stacked either three or six meters in height. It is designed to be used outdoors and directly on the ground with no pad, pallet or other elevation device. The flexible PVC material of the GrainPro Self-Verifying MegaCocoon™ is highly UV-resistant with a useful life of over 10 years.

The bottom or underlay of the GrainPro Self-Verifying MegaCocoon™ consists of a gastight material on which the stack is piled. The stack is then covered with a gastight cover of up to three overlapping sections. The bottom connection is sealed using “sandsnakes.” Folding the overlay and underlay locks the sandsnake in between. Another row of sandsnakes around its perimeter ensures that the system is hermetically sealed.

The straps attached to the underlay are then pulled tightly through the buckles of the overlay (Figure 1), securing the sandsnakes and, hence, maintaining Ultra Hermetic sealing.

Grains stored in the GrainPro Self-Verifying MegaCocoon™ are in a gastight chamber which retains the gases resulting from the respiration of insects and the commodity. By creating a sealed environment that has low oxygen and high carbon dioxide levels, mold growth and infestation are not only controlled, but prevented. No further chemical intervention is needed.


• Preserves grain quality for long period storage

• Safe storage of commodities without using toxic and harmful fumigants or pesticides

• Life span of over 10 years

• Mobile and easy to install

• No maintenance and operation cost

• Outdoor storage without additional infrastructure

• Environment-friendly product that meets organic standards

• Completely gas and water tight

• UV resistant

Features and Benefits

Product Specification