Product Overview

The patented GrainPro® SuperGrainbag® Farm is a low cost Ultra-Hermetic™ bag lining solution developed primarily for smallholder farmers. The SGB Farm is tested for farm conditions and can be relied upon to safely preserve dried agricultural commodities such as maize, cassava, wheat, rice paddy and soybean. It’s made from multilayer recyclable polyethylene plastic (PE) with a proprietary barrier layer with sufficiently low permeability to prevent the exchange of air and the absorption of moisture. It is designed to be used multiple times. The SGB Farm effectively stops aflatoxin growth, eliminates infestation embedded with the commodities and prevents the penetration by large grain borers and cowpea weevils found in the commodity without the use of harmful chemicals. It is also efficient in preserving germination quality and seed vitality. To further enhance preservation, oxygen can be removed from the bag to speed up oxygen depletion using GrainPro Oxygen Absorbers which are sold separately.

Features and Benefits

Product Specification