Product Overview

The GrainPro TranSafeliner™ (TSL™) was originally designed as a gas-tight liner for shipping containers. As a liner, the GrainPro TranSafeliner™ proved itself very effective against insect infestation, aflatoxin growth, and in reducing condensation inside shipping containers. The GrainPro TranSafeliner™ can also be used as a stand-alone indoor storage with the same level of effectiveness.

Introducing the GrainPro Patented GrainPro TranSafeliner Indoor™ (TSL Indoor™) – an Ultra-Hermetic™ indoor storage liner specically designed for use in warehouses.

The GrainPro TranSafeliner Indoor™ is made from recyclable multi-layer PE with barrier layer, which results in extremely low permeability to gases and protects the quality of commodities inside. It provides 30m3 of hermetic storage space where commodities can be stored for longer periods.

The GrainPro TranSafeliner Indoor™ is designed to enclose commodities in a gas-tight environment. Insects embedded inside the commodities consume the available oxygen, and die once gas levels are too low to sustain them.

The GrainPro TranSafeliner™ prevents the entrance of both air and moisture, preventing the growth of aflatoxin producing molds and oxidation.

Aside from it’s Ultra Hermetic features, the GrainPro TranSafeliner Indoor™ can be easily set up with the help of 2 metal frames, which can be purchased as an accessory from GrainPro. The frames make the GrainPro TranSafeliner Indoor™ standup so that it can be loaded manually or with a forklift.

The GrainPro TranSafeliner Indoor™ can be used multiple times as long as it remains undamaged. In case of minor damages, the liner can be patched with tape. It is ideal for medium to long term storage of sensitive commodities in hot and humid climates.

Features and Benefits

Product Specification