Product Overview

The GrainPro® TranSafeliner™ (TSL) protects and preserves the quality of dry agricultural commodities shipped in bags or in pallets inside a shipping container.

The TSL is made of high-strength polyethylene with a proprietary barrier layer. Woven PE rope braces are welded into the TSL for easy installation. It has superior gas and moisture barrier properties that restrict the entry of moist ambient air to inhibit mold growth, stop insect infestation and reduce the effects of condensation. Hence, stored commodities are safely preserved without losses of quality and quantity during transoceanic transit or storage.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimizes the effects of condensation
  • Easy-to-use transport and storage solution
  • Stops insect infestation and inhibits fungal growth
  • Long-term and chemical-free preservation
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Certified safe for organic-use
  • Made from recyclable materials

Product Specification