Product Overview

The GrainPro® SuperGrainbag® Sample-1 (SGB Sample-1) is a resealable bag with a capacity of approximately up to 850 grams for green or roasted coffee samples (may vary depending on coffee variety). This Ultra-Hermetic™ coffee solution is made of high-strength polyethylene with a proprietary barrier layer that protects coffee and other sample commodities from air and moisture ingress. It retains the freshness of stored samples and protects against insect infestation.

It is equipped with a single-track hermetic zipper and can also be sealed with heat welding. A tear notch at the top of the bag makes it safe to cut through the welding.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy-to-use storage solution
  • Zip-and-go hermetic zipper
  • Preserves the quality of sample coffee beans and other commodities.
  • Extends quality and freshness for more than a year
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Certified safe for organic-use
  • Made from recyclable materials

Product Specification