Product Overview

The GrainPro® Solar Bubble Dryer™ (SBD) is a tunnel-type dryer that takes advantage of solar radiation and ambient air to dry agricultural commodities. It is designed to dry while protecting commodities against sudden rains and unpredictable weather.

It consists of a transparent cover made of UV-resistant polyethylene film connected to a black reinforced PVC drying floor with a heavy-duty zipper. Solar radiation enters the drying chamber through the transparent top cover to heat up the commodities. Moisture content is vaporized and pushed out by the ventilators which exits through an exhaust port at the back.

It can dry grains and seeds at an average drying rate of 0.5% per hour based on paddy and corn. However, during full sunny condition drying time is about 6 to 8 hours at the moisture content of 22% to 14%.

The SBD have two commercial models, namely, a “Solar” model which operates purely on solar energy to run the ventilators and to dry the commodity, and an “Electric” model which uses electric power from the grid to run the ventilator(s) and solar energy to dry the commodity. It provides rake mixer that can be used in all terrain and tube mixer (optional mixing device) which provide undulating motion during mixing operation.

Features and Benefits

  • Affordable multi-commodity sun drying solution
  • Faster drying time (in full sunny condition) compared to conventional sun drying
  • Collapsible and mobile
  • Protects against sudden rains, animals and contaminants
  • Prevents spillage losses
  • SBD-Solar uses purely renewable energy

Product Specification