Product Overview

The Ultra-Hermetic™ GrainPro® TranSafeliner™ Bulk (TSL Bulk) protects and preserves the quality of bulk or loose grains during transport inside shipping containers.

The TSL Bulk is made of high-strength polyethylene with a proprietary barrier layer. Woven PE rope braces are welded into the TSL for easy installation. The TSL has superior gas and moisture barrier properties that restrict the entry of moist ambient air, thus minimizing condensation, inhibit mold growth and eventual infestation, hence, preserving the quality and preventing postharvest losses of dry agricultural commodities in transit.

To support the commodity’s lateral force, a strong, woven polyethylene bulkhead is fitted into the container’s doorway using straps and 1.5” steel tubes positioned horizontally and anchored into the groove of the container’s wall. Loading can be done using grain blowers, augers or conveyors.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimizes the effects of condensation
  • Designed for bulk or loose commodities
  • Easy-to-use transport and storage solution
  • Stops insect infestation and inhibits fungal growth
  • Long-term and chemical-free preservation
  • Certified safe for organic-use
  • Made from recyclable materials

Product Specification