GrainPro CO2 Analyzer

Official product name: GrainPro CO2 Analyzer

The GrainPro CO2 Analyzer is a tool designed to measure carbon dioxide levels within 0% to 100% range. This allows handlers of agricultural commodities to monitor modified and controlled atmospheres, crucial for safely storing valued products.

Equipped with data-logging capability, this product can store up to 3,000 data samples that can be transferred to a computer.

This product is best used as a tool to monitor atmospheres inside Ultra-Hermetic™ storage, wherein insect infestation and mold growth are arrested, keeping commodities safe and preserving quality at the same time. It is highly suggested that the GrainPro CO2 Analyzer be an accompaniment for safe and organic fumigation using carbon dioxide.

Product Specification

Gas Detected Carbon Dioxide
Concentration Range, % v/v 0 - 100
Resolution, % v/v 1
Response Time (T90), second <60
Warm Up Time, minute <1
Sensor Type IR Sensor (Infrared Sensor)
Detection Principle NDIR (Nondispersive Infrared)
Accuracy Internal Sample Draw Diaphragm Pump 400-800 ml/min
Display Backlit 20x4 Alphanumeric OLED display
Battery 7.4 V/1500 mAH Li-ion (Rechargeable)
Battery Operating Time, hours 6-8
Battery Charging Time, hours 2-3
Operating Temperature Range, Celsius (Fahrenheit) 0ºC - 40ºC (32ºF - 104ºF)
Operating Pressure (Ambient) 10%
Product Weight, kg (lbs) 1.5 (3.3)
Packed Dimension, cm (inch) 28 x 23 x 8 (11 x 9 x 3)
Product Life, years 15
Sensor Life, years 5
Calibration Frequency, year 1
Warranty, year 1