GrainPro Cocoon Cargo

Official product name: GrainPro® Cocoon Cargo

The GrainPro Cocoon Cargo is designed as an Ultra-Hermetic™ solution to address insect infestation on commodities in big bags (tote bags or flexible intermediate bulk containers) that developed before loading into a shipping container or upon its arrival at the destination port. The airtight chamber of the Cocoon Cargo is ideal for fumigation as it is equipped with inlet and outlet ports.

The Cocoon Cargo has the same capacity as a 20-foot shipping container and can fit twenty standard-sized big bags of 700-1000 kilograms or ten bags of 1000-1500 kilograms. To facilitate easy bulk bag handling with forklifts, the Cocoon Cargo’s zipper is located much lower than standard Cocoons. A sturdier and more durable 1250 g/m² PVC enables outdoor storage and can handle extreme pressure to ensure the safety of valued dry commodities.

Product Specification

Material Reinforced Polyvinyl Chloride
Color White
Dimension, cm (inch) 640 x 285 x 235 (252 x 112 x 93)
Packed Weight, kg (lbs) 125 (276) ± 5%
Material weight, g/m2 1250
Capacity 20 small or large FIBC
Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR), cc/m2/day at 0.1 MPa <500
Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR), g/m2/day 9

Shape Circular Circular
Size, cm (inch) 1.5 (0.591) 2.0 (0.787)
Indication O2 level = 3% RH = 65%
Color O2 level < 3% Pink RH < 65% Brown
Color O2 level > 3% Blue RH > 65% Green
Activation Time Changes color gradually when in contact with air Changes color gradually when in contact with air
Shelf Life 6 months 6 months