GrainPro Collapsible Dryer Case

Official product name: GrainPro® Collapsible Dryer Case

The GrainPro Collapsible Dryer Case is an affordable portable case used to safely and conveniently dry various agricultural commodities. Designed to minimize postharvest losses as well as operational expenses, this innovative sun dryer is perfect for patio drying a wide variety of agricultural commodities such as coffee, cacao, rice, and maize.

It is an easy-to-install solution made from woven coated polyethylene (PE), which is twice as strong as ordinary tarpaulin and lighter than reinforced PVC. Inflatable PE side-walls keep commodities from spilling out of the dryer. An important feature is its ability to protect commodities against re-wetting, as the drying floor can be folded and closed at night or in case of sudden rains to prevent moisture re-absorption.

Product Specification

Thickness, mm (inch) 0.5 (0.02)
Color Black
Material Weight, gm2 320
Product Life, year 3
Warranty, year 1

Product Capacity, Bags @ 60kg (110lbs)/bag (based on paddy) Drying Area m2 (ft2) Length cm (inch) Width cm (inch) Product Weight (per piece) Kg (lbs)
CDC - 25 10 25 (269) 915 (360) 300 (118) 16 (35)
CDC - 44 18 44 (474) 1,595 (628) 300 (118) 27 (60)
CDC - 75 31 75 (807) 1,325 (522) 595 ( 234) 36 (79)