GrainPro EcoWiSe Standard

Official product name: GrainPro® EcoWiSe Standard

GrainPro EcoWiSe is a wireless sensing system designed to remotely monitor the environment within a hermetic storage unit in real time. A sensor collects and sends out data such as relative humidity (%RH) and temperature (°C) to a receiver that is connected to a computer. The software transmits the information via the Internet to designated users. Repeaters may also be added to extend the signal or coverage of the sensor to extend the 5 kilometer standard transmission distance.

Because data is transmitted in real-time, users will be immediately notified if any tear or damage is sustained by the hermetic storage. This can help prevent post-harvest losses that might occur due to mold growth or insect infestations. Subsequently, predictive failure analysis can be conducted in the future through data gathered by EcoWiSe.

This solution is designed to monitor any moisture-sensitive commodity stored in a GrainPro Cocoon of any kind. It is recommended especially for storing coffee.

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Product Specification

Integrated Sensors Humidity and Temperature
Working Frequency, MHz 470.508 & 479.508
Operating Voltage, V 2.5 ~ 3.6 for Sensor; 5 for Receiving Host and Repeaters
Transmission Distance, m >500 (Visual distance)
Temperature Accuracy, Celsius <0.5 (0~60) &<2 (-40~+80)
Humidity Accuracy ± 3%
The average power consumption, ua <15
Operating Temperature, Celsius -40~+80
Operating life @ 1000 mAH, yrs >5

Real Time Cocoon Monitoring

You can now experience the easiest way to monitor your Cocoons!


EcoWiSe Downloadables:

Click here to download the EcoWiSe software

Click here to download the EcoWiSe USB software