GrainPro TranSafeliner™ Bulk

Official product name: GrainPro® TranSafeliner™ Bulk

The GrainPro TranSafeliner™ Bulk protects and preserves the quality of dry agricultural commodities placed in shipping containers.

GrainPro TranSafeliner™ Bulk is made of high-strength polyethylene with proprietary barrier layer. Woven PE rope braces are also welded on the GrainPro TranSafeliner™ Bulk for easy installation. It has excellent gas and moisture shielding properties which stops insect infestation, reduces the effects of condensation, and restricts the entry of moist ambient air which allows mold growth. Stored commodities are safely preserved without losses of quality and quantity even during trans-oceanic transit or storage wherein commodities are stored in bulk or loose grains inside the GrainPro TranSafeliner™ Bulk equipped with a strong polyethylene woven bulkhead to be fitted into the container’s doorway using straps and 1.5” steel tubes positioned horizontally and anchored into the groove of the container’s wall. Loading can be done using grain blowers, augers or conveyors.

Product Specification

Material Multi-layer PE
Thickness, microns 100 ±5%
Weight, g/m2 97.5
Color Green
Closing Mechanism 2-track zipper and zipper slider (blue)
Packed Dimension, cm 110 x 55 x 8
Packed Weight, kg 14
Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR), cc/m2/day at 0.1 MPa < 9
Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR), g/m2/day < 4

Material Woven PE
Dimension, cm 229 x 246
Material Weight, g/m2 320
Thickness, microns 508 ±10%