Grainsafe Granel GrainPro

Official product name: GrainPro® GrainSafe Bulk-1.3

GrainPro GrainSafe Bulk is a portable Ultra-Hermetic™ storage system for dry agricultural commodities. It is designed to store loose grains, it is installed on an elevated platform to allow unloading through a downspout at the bottom. With a 1.3-metric ton capacity, it safely preserves the quality and quantity of dry agricultural commodities such as maize, paddy, coffee, etc. due to its low permeability to air and moisture.

The GrainSafe is made from flexible UV-resistant Polyvinyl Chloride with a hermetic zipper. It can be easily installed at home or outside on a raised platform with rodent guards. Insects inside are wiped-out within just 10 days of storage.

Product Specification

Material Flexible PVC
Material Thickness, mm 0.83
Color White
Dimension, cm (in) 120 x 180 (47.24 x 70.87)
Capacity, kg(lbs) based on wheat 1300 (2866)
Packed Weight, kg 16.5 (36.38)
Shelf life 10 years
Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR), cc/m2/day at 0.1 MPa 500 max
Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR), g/m2/day 8 + 1