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A Farmer’s Story: Homecoming

Location: Papua New Guinea


A Farmer’s Story: Pursuing Progress

Location: Mexico


A Farmer’s Story: Building A Culture of Quality

Location: Guatemala

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Stories From the Field

These are the stories from all over the world that inspire us in our journey to help build better post-harvest systems. We want to share with you our encounters with people that touch the lives of those around them. In their daily lives, we see perseverance, friendship, care, and most of all, the love for what they do.

A Farmer’s Story: Continuing the Legacy

See how one man’s perseverance helped build communities in the Solomon Islands and how his work is being continued by his family. Using grit, determination, steadfastness, and love for their community as foundations, these amazing group of people are now helping each other to uplift their own lives.

A Farmer’s Story: Building A Culture of Quality

Watch how a farm in Guatemala flourished to become one of the best coffee producers in the world. Through the continuing work of a family and with the support of their community, the world now knows them as consistent creators of superior products. In turn, they help the community around them to have better lives.

A Farmer's Story: Empowering Women in Coffee

Empowering women farmers leads to significant benefits to a country’s economy. This means structuring communities in a way that lifts constraints for women farmers, so that they can take action for their own enterprise. Watch this video of Rwandan women farmers who work in the coffee industry and be inspired.

A Farmer's Story: Pursuing Progress

This is the story of a farmer’s pursuit to develop his methods for better, safer crops. With the help of GrainPro’s hermetic solutions, Hernan Cruz Ramos’ maize and beans are preserved without worry of damage from molds and insects. His farm gets better profits and he can provide more for his family.

A Farmer's Story: Homecoming

The people of Papua New Guinea have depended on coffee for their livelihood, but it was too undervalued to pursue as the main income. Jiwaka Coffee Limited helps smallholder farmers increase their coffee yields by educating them with progressive farming and storage techniques. Watch this video to learn how GrainPro’s technology helps them.