Cocoon Line

Self-Verifying Cocoon

A flood-protected, chemical-free, and Ultra-Hermetic™ storage solution designed to safely store delicate agricultural commodities.

Cocoon Lite

A lighter and more affordable version of our trusted PVC Cocoons.

Cocoon Indoor

A low-cost Ultra-Hermetic™ Cocoon for indoor storage.

Cocoon Cargo

An Ultra-Hermetic™ solution that eliminates the risk of insect infestation that usually occurs before the commodities are loaded into a shipping container or upon their arrival at the destination port. Carbon dioxide or phosphine can be used to fumigate the commodities

Self-Verifying Mega Cocoon

Self-Verifying Mega Cocoon

A low-cost storage of large quantities of bagged grain using the hermetic principle. It features self-verifying oxygen and humidity displays and eliminates the need for pesticides in storage.