Solution - Accessories

EcoWiSe Plus

A wireless sensing system that is excellent for monitoring relative humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide levels of grains, cocoa, seeds, pulses and nuts as well stored in an Ultra Hermetic Storage and shares real-time data to the users.

GrainPro CO2 Analyzer

The GrainPro CO2 Analyzer is equipped to measure carbon dioxide levels accurately and log data that can be transferred into a computer. It eliminates the need for third process computation – a perfect accessory for GrainPro’s Ultra Hermetic™ technology.

EcoWiSe Standard

A wireless sensing system that is perfect for coffee for it monitors the relative humidity and temperature in an ultra hermetic storage and shares real-time information to the users.

Moisture Meter

Guides users into determining whether the crop is already at the right moisture content for storage and processing. This handheld device provides accurate moisture content readings for different grains within seconds.

Oxygen Absorber

The GrainPro Oxygen Absorber eliminates oxygen inside a SuperGrainbag (SGB). The packets absorb free oxygen from the air around the commodity and chemically bind them. It eliminates oxygen preventing oxidative rancidity (as in the case of oil seeds) and respiration by insects and bacteria that would otherwise affect the quality of the stored commodity.